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PelliTec 6-Layer Blister Prevention Pads - Sticks to your shoes, not your skin

Great for walkers, sports players, athletes, dancers and the military


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The unique and highly effective sandwich construction of PelliTec moves with your foot reducing blisters caused by friction. By sticking securely to the inside of your footwear and over the blister the pad cushions and protects the affected area.

Blister prevention pads that stick to your shoes, not your skin.

Friction from your skin rubbing against your footwear causes blisters. The skin layers separate and fill with fluid. The breathable sandwich construction is unique to PelliTec blister prevention pads. They move with your foot which significantly reduces the friction that causes blisters. The pad sticks securely inside your footwear and over the blister which works to cushion and protect the affected area, wicking away moisture. This reduces pressure, pain and the risk of infection.

PelliTec has a unique sandwich design

The blister prevention pads consist of six layers:

  • Baltex layer
  • Mylar layer
  • Gel layer
  • Scuba layer
  • Adhesive layer

The two plastic Mylar discs and single gel layer within the pad move with the foot reducing the friction which causes blisters to form. The top Baltex layer of the ‘sandwich’ wicks away moisture thus reducing the risk of infection.

How to use PelliTec

PelliTec blister prevention pads stick securely inside your footwear.

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