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Our feet take of us; we should take care of them.

Keeping your feet healthy is essential, as not only can foot problems cause a lot of discomforts, your mobility can be significantly affected. We rely on our feet to support us to perform all required daily activities, but we tend to neglect them, not giving our feet the care they deserve. We all owe it to our feet to take care of them.

Clean feet are happy feet!

It would be best if you washed your feet daily with soap and warm water. Dry thoroughly between the toes

Trim those nails down

You should cut your toenails regularly. Cut your nail following its line at the top of the toe. Be sure to leave the corner of the nail just clear of the fleshy part of the toe. File with an emery board to smooth any rough edges. Never cut down the side of nails or leave them to be short.

Look out for ingrowing toenails.

Dealing with tough skin

If hard or rough skin is present on the feet rub gently with a pumice stone, foot file or an exfoliator cream. Do not use a razor or scissor blade to remove the skin as this may lead to a cut and infection. If the skin is dry, apply moisturiser every night.

What causes corns on your feet?

A corn on the foot is caused by pressure, usually from footwear. Relieve the area by wearing different shoes. Do not use corn removing remedies.

Itchy toes and fungus

If the skin between the toes becomes itchy, cracked and peeling, this is the sign of a fungal infection or “athlete’s foot”. It can occur on moist, waterlogged skin, especially between the fourth and fifth toes. It needs to be treated with an appropriate fungicide bought over the counter as creams, powders or sprays.

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